Compliance to Accessibility Standards of the Web

The Foster Addiction Rehabilitation Centre (CRD Foster) is aware of the challenges of accessing the Web and of the importance of offering equal access to information to everyone. Therefore, we have committed to making the Internet site the most accessible and inclusive possible. The new version of the CRD Foster web site aims as much as possible to meet the norms of the Accessibility Standards of a Web Site adopted by the Conseil du trésor du gouvernement du Québec.

Icons related to accessibility

  • This web content can include barriers to accessibility because it comes from a third party that is not subject to the standard of the Quebec government on the accessibility of a website. : this icon indicates that the content available through the hyperlink is not managed by the CRD Foster webmaster and is not consistent with SGQRI 008-01.
  • This link will open in a new window. : this icon identifies all hyperlinks that open in a new window.

Tools used to verify compliance

The following tools and computer adaptation technologies were used to verify the compliance of this site to the SGQRI 008-01 standards:

  • W3C HTML Validator;
  • Firefox version 21;
  • Internet Explorer, version 8;
  • Accessibility Toolbar, version, for Firefox;
  • Color Contrast Analyser, version 1.2;
  • NVDA, version 2010.2.