Accreditation Renewal 2014-2018

I am pleased to announce that the Conseil québecois d’agrément (CQA) has granted a renewal of our accreditation for the next four years. Following the visit by the external evaluators in May, the CQA validation committee issued a first report on May 22 which we were invited to comment. While we agreed with most of the content of the report and the recommendations, we felt that the timelines to implement the six binding recommendations were too short. The CQA responded to our requests by revising most of the timelines to our satisfaction in the June 25 final report.

One of the recommendations of the CQA is to integrate all of the recommendations into a revised improvement plan. We are presently preparing this revised plan and it will be presented to the members of the evaluation teams in the coming months.

Accreditation is a public recognition that an organization meets a series of norms validated by a consensus of experts and is committed to continuous and integrated improvement of the quality of its services. As part of this public recognition, the CQA report has been posted on the CRD Foster web site in the publications/annual reports section.

I again wish to thank all of the administrative, support, clinical and management staff involved in the drafting, revision and evaluation of the surveys and processes and all of the board and committee members who gave their time to ensure that the accreditation renewal process was a reflection of the activities of CRD Foster.

John Topp
Director General