Adult substance abuse program

The adult substance abuse program is for individuals aged 18 years and older who meet criteria for substance abuse or dependence. All of our outpatient facilities offer evaluation, treatment and follow-up services, but treatment modalities, such as individual or group therapy, vary according to available resources. While our main Notre-Dame-de-Grâce office provides the full continuum of services described below, our other locations provide mainly individualized services. We also offer hospital liaison services in selected emergency rooms of Montreal Anglophone hospitals.

The adult substance abuse treatment program is based on a stepped-care approach that provides options to distinct levels of care differing in duration and intensity depending on identified needs. The stepped-care approach enables us to increase or decrease the intensity of services offered to individuals depending on their progress and changes in personal circumstances. The main objective is to provide the least intensive, yet sufficient and safe, level of care that will be effective in meeting treatment objectives.

The continuum of services at CRD Foster is comprised of the following levels of care. As previously noted, in the case that group services are not available at a particular location, services will be delivered on an individual basis:

  • Level 1 (Evaluation): A comprehensive computer-based evaluation followed by two individual sessions to review the assessment results, discuss treatment recommendations, and formulate a treatment plan.
  • Level 2a (Head Start): Weekly group sessions focused on building motivation to abstain from or reduce the use of alcohol and drugs as well as problem gambling behavior, in addition to developing skills and strategies consistent with the early stages of change. Duration of treatment is 8 weeks or longer depending on needs.
  • Level 2b (Recovery Management): Weekly group sessions for those who have achieved a period of abstinence and who have developed a basic repertoire of addiction specific and general life skills. Recovery Management groups are thus focused on maintaining therapeutic gains, strengthening relapse prevention skills, and expanding the contexts in which clients apply learned skills and strategies. Duration of treatment is approximately 13 weeks depending on needs.
  • Level 3 (Semi-Intensive Outpatient): Twice weekly group sessions coupled with weekly individual therapy sessions. This higher intensity service provides the structure to build recovery skills while also developing an understanding of one’s individual use, thought, emotional, and behavioral patterns. Treatment duration is approximately 6 weeks depending on needs.
  • Level 4 (Short term residential treatment): Detoxification, stabilization and inpatient rehabilitation services offering group and individual therapy sessions, workshops and recreational activities, thereby providing the daily structure, stability, and environmental safety necessary to achieve initial abstinence from alcohol, drugs, and gambling. Training and practice in daily living and coping skills support the maintenance of abstinence upon completion. Duration of treatment is 1 to 6 weeks depending on evaluated needs.

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