Clients’ Committee

CRD Foster has an active Clients’ Committee. The committee represents all CRD Foster clients and also acts specifically as the Residents’ Committee for clients admitted to our residential services.

The role of the Clients’ Committee is to:

  1. Inform the clients about their rights and their obligations;
  2. Promote the improvement of the quality of life of the clients and to evaluate the degree of satisfaction of the clients towards the services obtained from the Institution;
  3. Defend the rights and the collective interests of the clients or, at the request of a client, his rights and his interests as a client with the Institution or with any other competent authority;
  4. Accompany and assist, on request, a client in any action which he or she undertakes including when he or she wishes to raise a complaint.

Members of the committee meet with the clients admitted to the inpatient clinic on the first Wednesday of each month and meet the clients of the Montreal and St-Hubert intensive outpatient programs each month. The committee also has a toll free number equipped with an answering service (1 877 510-0359) for all comments and complaints.