Entourage program

CRD Foster offers services to family members and concerned significant others who are affected by or concerned about the substance use or gambling behavior of a family member or friend. Entourage services are available to individuals regardless of whether or not the person of concern is currently engaged in addiction treatment.

The program provides short term individual counselling for a duration of 4 to 6 weeks. An education and support group for adults is also available for a period of 8 weeks depending on demand.

The Entourage program is focused on:

  • assisting the individual in developing more effective personal coping strategies
  • providing information or referral to other specialized services
  • increasing their loved-one’s motivation to seek professional assistance

PEAK (Parent Education about Addiction and Kids)

CRD Foster offers a group specifically for parents who are concerned about the substance use of their child under the age of 21. The PEAK (Parent Education about Addiction and Kids) group provides information regarding adolescent substance use and trajectories, support, and skills training to enhance self-care and effective strategies for responding to substance related behaviors. PEAK cycles are comprised of 8 weekly group sessions and are held at our various points of service several times per year.

Everyone is affected when a loved one has an addiction.

We can help you cope.