History of CRD Foster

The Early Years

In 1964, a group of volunteers open a treatment center for English-speaking alcoholics in the village of Foster, thus establishing the Brome Rehabilitation Center for Alcoholics Inc. In 1965, the Board members acquire the house and Ms. Lorain McCullough is appointed director general, a position she would retain for more than 25 years.

In the early seventies, a search is initiated for a larger facility in or near Montreal. With the financial support from a charitable foundation, a twenty-bed convent in St-Philippe-de-Laprairie is purchased and named Beaver House Rehabilitation Centre for Addictions. The name is again changed in 1978 to Pavillon Foster.

In 1988, funding is granted to develop outpatient services in Ville LeMoyne to serve clients from Montreal and the South Shore.

The 1990’s and Beyond

Numerous developments occur during the nineties. CRD Foster consolidates its provincial mandate to serve the anglophones of Quebec and begins treating illicit drug users and poly-substance dependent individuals. The centre’s long-standing commitment to research in the field of substance abuse is recognized in 1992 with the awarding of a “chercheur-boursier” career grant to Dr. Tom Brown allowing him to become a full-time researcher.

Efforts to expand outpatient services to Montreal are rewarded in 1994. The LeMoyne outpatient clinic is transferred to Montreal and new funding is granted to increase services to adults and provide services to adolescents. The next few years see the development of a youth program in the Montérégie and the opening of several more outpatient sites in the Montréal and Montérégie regions. In 2000, the range of services is again expanded to include the treatment of problem gamblers. In 2013, CRD Foster receives new funding to implement two hospital liaison teams at the St-Mary’s and Montreal General Hospitals.

CRD Foster today provides evidence based rehabilitation services in substance abuse and problem gambling to over 2000 adults, youth and their families at its main locations in St-Philippe, Notre-Dame-de-Grâce and Brossard and in multiple outpatient sites. Clients come from all regions of Quebec and from various cultural communities.

In addition to specialized treatment services, CRD Foster also provides consultation and training in the detection, evaluation, brief intervention and treatment to professionals working in the field of addictions and mental health in both front line and specialized settings.