The CRD Foster Research Program was inaugurated officially in 1992. Its genesis coincided with the award of a 12-year career research scholar award by the “Conseil québécois de la recherche sociale (CQRS)” to its head, Thomas G. Brown, Ph.D. The award recognized CRD Foster’s long-standing commitment to knowledge creation and the provision of evidence-informed treatment in the addictions.

The collaboration with Dr. Peter Seraganian of Concordia University is particularly noteworthy. As a team, Drs. Brown and Seraganian forged a model of applied research that targeted topics of high relevance and potential impact to the delivery of services in real world addiction milieus. This model, unprecedented in the addictions field at the time, remains an innovative model for bridging the traditional research-clinical practice gap. Since 1998, the research program has allied with the Douglas Institute Research Center, a McGill University affiliated mental health research center, to broaden its capacity for innovative, multi-disciplinary investigations and the training of new addiction research and clinical specialists.

The research program has gone on to advance knowledge and technology in the areas of adapting treatment to specific vulnerable subgroups in the substance abuse and problem gambling population (e.g., multiple substance abusers, battered women and men, repeated drunk drivers), identification of the active ingredients of different treatment approaches, psychobiological and neurocognitive correlates of problem genesis, presentation and treatment outcome, and developing models and methods for improved detection and brief intervention in frontline settings. The scope of the program’s research output is necessarily ambitious, as it has had to respond to the needs of CRD Foster and other applied milieus while simultaneously meeting the most competitive international standards for scientific rigour, funding and publication. Overall, the substantial commitment required to meet these multiple challenges reflects CRD Foster’s unflagging and tangible dedication to the provision of the highest quality research-informed treatment services to its clientele.

Thomas G. Brown, Ph.D.
Head of Research, CRD Foster
Director, Addiction Research Program
Douglas Institute Research Center
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Psychiatry, McGill University Faculty of Medicine

For information on the research program or reprints of published articles, please contact Dr. Brown at:

Douglas Institute Research Centre
Addictions Research Program
6875 Lasalle Blvd., Perry 4th Floor
Verdun (Quebec) H4H 1R3,
Tel.: (514) 761-6131, ext. 3415